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1. Sterilise

Place me in a saucepan of boiling water for five minutes & then check my small air holes are clear

2. Fold

With clean hands, squeeze my middle & fold me so that I look like the image above (we use the C fold but there are many other folds you can try that are available across the web - just pick the one that suits you!)

3. Insert

  • Either squat or stand with one leg resting on the toilet

  • Relax, then angle me towards your tailbone and insert me inside your vagina so that the end of my stem fits just inside you. I should sit as low down in your vagina as is comfortable

4. Important!!! - check I have popped open

Check that I have unfolded to create a seal by gently rotating me & pulling my stem down lightly, or running your fingertip around the top of my rim. Once opened, I will create a light seal with your vagina walls. Blood will then flow from your cervix and collect in the cup

5. Forget about me for a while

Forget about me until I need to be emptied. This will change depending on your flow, we recommend changing every 4-8 hours, up to a maximum of 12 hours

How to remove your picmecup

  • Either squat or stand with one leg on the toilet

  • Important!!! With clean fingers, pinch my base or push my rim inwards to release the seal & ease me out. Warning: don't try and remove me without breaking the seal

  • Empty me, rinse & repeat (you only need to sterilise me after each cycle)

Removal tips

  • Relax, relax, relax

  • Make sure to break the seal first

  • Take care to hold me as you remove me to avoid spillage