The new must-have period product!

We are a sister-run brand on a mission to make menstrual cups mainstream. Buy our picmecup today & spend nothing on single-use period products for 10 years!

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  • Sarah, Devon

    Oh my god why haven’t I ever tried something like this before!!! Well done girls I won’t be going bck now! Just wish I’d found this 30 years ago!

  • Louise, Watford

    Really easy to use and works so well, really nice to think I don't need to buy sanitary products for years!

  • Laura, Bushey

    Tried my picmecup for the first time, felt a bit nervous at first but it was comfortable and even used it while swimming! So easy wish I'd made the switch sooner!

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  • Convenient
    Holds three times more than a regular tampon. Wear for up to 12 hours

  • Reusable
    No single-use waste! 

  • Cost-effective
    Buy once and spend nothing on single-use disposable products for 10 years

  • Better for you
    Made from 100% medical grade silicone. No toxins and non-absorbent to maintain your body’s natural balance 

  • Sterilise me before first use & after each cycle

  • Fold & insert me

  • Forget about me for up to 12 hours

  • Empty me, rinse & repeat


  • Extra small recommended for teenagers 
  • Small recommended for people who menstruate and women aged 18-30 who have not given birth vaginally
  • Large recommended for people who menstruate and women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally regardless of age 
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  • Myth 1. menstrual cups are messy

    As long as you choose the correct size & follow the instructions, the picmecup menstrual cup offers a very effective & discreet way to deal with your period. You will come into contact with a similar amount of blood as when using a tampon & you have no string to deal with! A surprising benefit for us was that we became much more in touch with our monthly flows & our own bodies!

  • Myth 2. menstrual cups are scary

    We were like you at first, a little reticent about switching to a menstrual cup but it really is a game-changer. It may take a little practise at first, but once you get the hang of it you will ask yourself why you didn't make the change sooner. According to 15 recent studies, 73% of participants wanted to continue using a menstrual cup after two to five months of use.

  • Myth 3. menstrual cups are difficult to remove

    Your vagina is a close-ended tunnel so rest assured that the picmecup can't get lost inside you. As long as you follow our instructions and relax, removal should be simple. The most important thing to remember is that you need to break the seal before attempting to remove Click here for more information

Choose me & forget you are even on your period!

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